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Validation service

Geospatial metadata validation service is native part of Spatial Data Registry of the Slovak Republic. This page is an interface for metadata validation. Metadata and metadata services has to be provided as a metadata XML file created following the INSPIRE definition:
  • Tags are set correctly (mark-up validations, headers, footers…).
  • Tags are in correct order.
  • All required tags are included.
  • All data types are as defined correctly (e.g. real numbers are not set in integers field).
  • Tags with maximum appearance once does not occur twice or more.
Validation service is available only in the Slovak language.

DECLARATION: The purpose of metadata validator service as a part of Register of Spatial Information of Slovak republic is to validate metadata under the scope of INSPIRE. In spite of our efforts while implementing all of the regulations and technical guidance, technical issues may occur. We would appreciate any comments or suggestions that will help us to enhance the quality of above mentioned metadata validator service.