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View service guidance

View services in INSPIRE contex represents the services making it possible, as a minimum, to display, navigate, zoom in/out, pan, or overlay viewable spatial data sets and to display legend information and any relevant content of metadata (INSPIRE 2007/2/EC Directive). INSPIRE view services are based on OGC WMS a WMTS international standards via INSPIRE Technical guiidelines for network services

Users of the view services can see spatial representation (maps) of contained spatial data in form of layers. Their fast search is possible via Spatial data registry search option available via Search by INSPIRE - Type of service.


Fig.1.Search of view services

Fig.2.View services search results

Fig.3.Connection of the view service and selection of the layers 

Fig. 4.Zobrazenie obsahu zobrazovacej služby v RPI

Alternatively, users can display additional attribute data, if these are made available by the view service. 

Fig. 5.Zobrazenie atribútových informáci k vrstve  zobrazovacej služby v RPI

Content of the view services can be also displayed by another webmap client apps, where it can be done via url endpoint of the view service, available in the metadata (elements: )

Fig.6.URL prístupová adresa koncového bodu zobrazovacej služby v detailnom zobrazení metaúdajov pre danú zobrazovaciu službu v RPI

View service end point is also possible to enter into the external web map client (e.g. mapshup), where after the selection of the service type (WMS) and specific layers of spatial data user can join these and display.

Fig.7.Connection of the view service via webmap client application mapshup.

Fig.8.Visualisation of the view service content via web map client application mapshup.


Similarly its possible to connect the view services also via desktop gis applications (e.g. QGIS), where these services might be used together with additional data for example as underlying layer, or for cartography outcomes.

Fig.9.Connection of the view service via desktop GIS application QGIS.