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Download service guidance

Download services in INSPIRE contex represents the services enabling copies of spatial data sets, or parts of such sets, to be downloaded and, where practicable, accessed directly (INSPIRE 2007/2/EC Directive). INSPIRE download services are based on WFS, ATOM international standards via INSPIRE Technical guiidelines for download services

Užívatelia ukladacích služieb môžu ich prostredníctvom pristupovať k predpripraveným súborom priestorových údajov (ATOM, WFS), alebo ich častiam (WFS).

Users of the download services can access included spatial via pre-defined downloadable datasets (ATOM, WFS),or their parts (WFS). Their fast search is possible via Spatial data registry search option available via Search by INSPIRE - Type of service.

Fig.1.Search of download services

Fig.2.Results of the download services search 


When user will want to download the content of the download service via "download" option, information window with following text wiill be displayed:

"You are about to download the data from the selected Download service. Process of download can be executed via:
-     Link to the service provider's web site, where data can be downloaded
-     Link to download service for machine readable processing (WFS, Atom...)
-     Link to download the package/data archive directly to your computer."

Fig.3.Selection of the spatial data download option 


Fig.4.Options for the download


Content of the WFS download services is possible to download via various web map client applications, where it important to use the URL access point, which might be available in the relevant MD elements (Prípojné miesto služby - Service access point, Možnosti prenosu transfer options).

Fig.5.URL endpoint for download service in detailed view of the metadata for the download service.

Download service end point is also possible to enter into the external web map client (e.g. mapshup), where after the selection of the service type (WFS) and specific layers of spatial data, user can join these and display.

Fig.6.Download service connection via webmap client application mapshup.

Fig.7.Visualisation of the download service content via webmap application mapshup.


Similarly its possible to connect the download service content into the desktop applications (e.g. QGIS), where this data can be used in conbination with other data for instance for the advanced analytical processing or cartoghraphy outcomes.

Fig.8.Connection of the external download service via desktop gis application QGIS.


Fig.9. Connection of the dowload service via desktop gis application QGIS.