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Outputs of the 16th INSPIRE ESPUS Training "RPI 2 testing"

6/30/2022 | INSPIRE

On December 9, 2022, the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic organized the 16th INSPIRE ESPUS training focused on the topic "RPI 2.0 Testing". The article provides outputs from this event.

The training conducted within the ESPUS project provided an overview of the second version of the Register of Spatial Information (RPI) version 2.0, as part of its availability for testing. After the initial presentation, individual components were gradually explained, from user management to the frontend. At the same time, information was provided on the possibility of testing the solution on a test environment. 

Video recording

The recording from the training is still available in an unprocessed version. After its processing, it will also be available in the form of a YouTube video: 


  • 00 Partitions 
  • 01 Introduction to RPI 2.0 and the testing process 
  • 02 Registration and list of obliged persons 
  • 03 Metadata 
  • 04 Harvester + Validator 
  • 05 Frontend


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